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PLOMS  Conference Proceedings

PLOMS Conference Proceedings Series  program offers a low-cost conference procedings publishing. The production charges for events whose proceedings are accepted for publication in SIPS  are:

  • Base rate for volumes with up to 50 papers: US $200
  • For volumes with more than 50  papers: base rate of US $300, plus US $10 for each paper above 50
Open Access Conferences where all the volume papers are to be avilable online with full access to the papers, The APC fees are: 
  • Base rate for volumes with up to 50 papers: US $500
  • For volumes with more than 50  papers: base rate of US $500, plus US $20 for each paper above 50
Incidental charges include the following:
  • DOI registration fee: US $1 per article published
  • Plagiarism detection fee: US $0.55 per accepted article
  • ISBN acquisition and registration Fee US $10 per proceedings volume

Please fill out the following form for conference proceedings hosting proposal and return it back to  the series editor at [email protected] .  

  Conference Proceedings Proposal  


Managing Editor:

Dr. Rabie A. Ramadan

Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. 

E-mail: rabie at 

Editorial Board Members: 


Here is an outline of how the program works:

  1. Conference Organizers must fill in the PLOMS conference proceedings application form which includes an PLOMS conference proceedings Publishing Agreement.  Should you wish to publish a companion volume, you must indicate this within the brief outline of topics covered for your event. The PLOMS conference proceedings  Editor-in-Chief,   and the PLOMS conference proceedngs Editorial Board will review proposals from conference organizers to determine whether the conference proceedings are suitable for publication by PLOMS conference proceedings.  
  2. The proceedings volume will be copyrighted as a whole and published by PLOMS  publisher; authors will choose among the different rights options PLOMS offers for their individual papers; and the volume will be identified as being part of the PLOMS Conference Proceedings Series published by SPLOMS , lending PLOMS imprimatur to this publication.  Under such auspices, PLOMS permits usage of the PLOMS logo indicating that PLOMS is the publisher and the materials will be presented under the PLOMS banner. In no way are you to indicate that PLOMS is a Sponsor of the event.  
  3. Proceedings volumes published in the PLOMS conference proceedings series cannot be published outside of the PLOMS Digital Library
  4. SI reserves the right to exclude volumes that only submit short abstract articles; PLOMS conference proceedings volumes should add substantive work to the Digital Library, rather than abstracts of papers intended for full publication elsewhere.
  5. While papers may be submitted in the author's native language, PLOMS requires titles and abstracts be submitted in English; author(s) (including affiliations). 

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